Week 27: Leviticus Part 1

Introduction Many people who resolve to read the Bible all the way through get stuck in Leviticus. It is easy to understand why. It is a very difficult book to read, for three main reasons. The first is that it is quite simply a boring book - it is like trying to read...

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Week 26: Exodus Part 7

Christian use of the Book of Exodus The story of Exodus is compelling and the details of the Israelites’ worship fascinating, but we must ask this: How should Christians read it today? The first thing to say is that God has not changed. He deals with Christians in the...

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About David

David Pawson occupies a key position among British Christian writers. His best known work, Unlocking the Bible, continues to be a worldwide bestseller in print, audio and video formats. Unlocking the Bible and other works such as The Normal Christian Birth have been called Pawson’s legacy to the church.